Bike1Welcome to The Bold Condition! My name is Haley and I created this blog hoping to inform and inspire people about the full experience of group fitness classes. I  am currently an indoor cycling instructor in Little Rock, Arkansas; but I love attending all different classes and believe strongly in “switching up” my workouts to keep my body (and metabolism) guessing.  My goal is to try out all different types of workout classes and meet lots of new people as I do. I chose the name The Bold Condition because I gravitate toward higher intensity workouts that seem extreme or bold, and the main  purpose behind me teaching and taking fitness classes is to progress my condition of health!

I will be providing recaps and reviews of the set up, dynamic, atmosphere, instructors, and burn of each individual class I try out! I will also share the playlists and layouts of the classes I teach. This blog is for people that are at any point in their fitness journey from beginner to super advanced. Group fitness is my favorite form of exercise because I am so inspired by those I am working out alongside!  I hope you will join me on this journey and let me know your perspective on group fitness by leaving a comment so I know you were here! Much love!




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