Friday Favorites April 12, 2019

Happy Friday! We are trying to settle into our new house and I haven’t started my new job yet so this week has felt so odd and out of sorts. I have been trying to find somewhat of a routine in the chaos and that sparked my idea to share 3 of my favorite things right now, no matter the day, city, house, or crazy that comes my way.

I’m a coffee drinker. Not sure when that happened but sometime in my adult life I’ve gotten into it. When I was on a bachelorette trip in February, one of the girls there busted out her pack of Vital Proteins collagen peptides at brunch one morning and poured them in her coffee. I’m familiar enough with vital proteins and have had collagen peptides on hand in my pantry to put into smoothies or protein shakes I made at home but I had never put it in my coffee? My friend told me about all the benefits she had noticed since using the collage peptides everyday in her coffee. You probably already know the hair skin and nails bonuses of collagen, but what you may not (and I did not) know is that collagen can aid in digestion and reduce gut inflammation. My friend commented on how much it had helped regulate her digestion and using the bathroom. That got my attention because I have struggggggled with regularity in that department for YEARS. Lo and behold, I decided to give it a try and started adding a scoop of the collagen peptides to my morning coffee. It’s flavorless and quickly dissolves without any indication it was ever there. Ya’ll, this was seriously a game changer! It has helped so much! I don’t feel as bloated often, I’m able to use the bathroom regularly, and even in the changing weather my skin doesn’t feel as tight and icky now that this is something I’m using every single day. I feel like this is a highly marketed product and you see it all over social media, but from one regular human to another, I promise this stuff is good. The wedding weekend for the bride we had celebrated on that Bach trip, I saw my collagen peptide friend, hugged her neck and said “I want to tell you that you have changed my life!” and I was 100% referring to using Vital Proteins haha. Get you some of the good stuff if you haven’t already!

Next up are my current favorite leggings from Athleta. Moving away from an Athleta store was definitely in the “cons” list for this transition to Jonesboro. I went in the store several times before we moved trying to stock up for a while and thats when I bought their new Velocity tight. The material is super thin and sweat wicking. There are pockets just below the waistband that are subtle and a zip pocket in the back. I love the material for sweaty workouts that may get even sweatier as we inch closer to summer and I love the high waist and level of compression to hold it all in while I workout. I got the black because #basic but I will certainly be going back for another color soon. Between trying to get into my new fitness routine in Jonesboro or just unpacking and getting my house settled, these tights have been my favorite go-to recently! Size down if you purchase, I wear XS.

My last current fave is this Kendra Scott Signature Candle. I have always been  a candle lover and rarely branch out of my favorite scents rotation. However, I came across this candle recently and immediately had to have it. Its a mixture of floral and woodsy smell that makes it perfect for Spring! I gravitate toward wood scents but I really love how the smell of Lily lightens this one up. It smells happy and clean and I’ve been burning mine non-stop since we moved into our freshly painted house trying to get Kendra’s signature smell to be the signature smell of our home vs those potent paint fumes. Lucky for you this candle is $20 off today too so grab one quick while you can!

What are 3 of your favorite things right now? I would love to know! Obviously I’m impressionable as I jumped on the peptides bandwagon after a friend recommended it! Hope you all are enjoying your Friday and have a happy weekend! As a bonus I’m linking the recent Budweiser commercial honoring Dwayne Wade’s retirement from the NBA because it just gives me all the feels and who doesn’t need a little inspo to do more good in the world. Love y’all, mean it!

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