The truth about the challenge feat. Studio Cycle

A common response I get when I’m out frolicking around singing the praises of spin class, or rather, “Studio Cycle” at Zenstudio is “Is it hard?” This honestly makes me a little bit crazy, and that’s because my answer is not yes, but HELL YES HUNNY it’s hard! If it’s not, then what the heck is the point?

I understand that group fitness can be intimidating, showing up to a new place where you may not know many (or any) people and trying out a form of exercise that may be unfamiliar. If nothing else, don’t you want the workout to be challenging? Aren’t you there to physically improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, power, etc.? Results are evidence of the effort that is put forth. You get what you give, plain and simple. This is why exercises are categorized as “work-outs” rather than “lay-outs” or “bum-outs.” The part you have to figure out for yourself is how you like to be challenged.

For example, I prefer higher intensity workouts. Always have. I like cardio-ish based intervals. I also like dancing. Again, always have. That’s why indoor cycling, the Zenstudio way, is my favorite form of exercise! A lot of people don’t like high intensity workouts and that is totally fine because you just have to find what you enjoy. There have been so many times I can’t count that I felt like a sprint or fast jog on the bike may be the end of me, but I’ve also felt like I may crumble to the ground in barre class numerous times too. I’m challenged in all of my various workouts, just in different ways.

I posted earlier this week on my instagram account that there is no quick fix. That it takes months to transform your body. Be up for the challenge! Embrace it, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. We all want to be good at what we’re doing, but what a boring life if we never had to work toward getting better along the way. If you haven’t started yet, now is your time. You’ve got this!

Being that Zenstudio Fitness is my home base and #1, I’m going to tell you why I think it’s a great spot to take on the challenge of starting to workout. It’s beginner friendly because we always provide modifications. We offer so many different classes (cycle, barre, sculpt, hybrids, yoga) and you get a full week free to find a class that’s the perfect fit for your body and your goals.  It’s dark in class, there’s no spotlight on you, and no one is worried about what their neighbor looks like in the room. As an instructor, if I come toward you it’s to hype you up. I will not physically adjust your bike resistance, it’s your responsibility add weight when I cue it and make the most of your ride. You will never be called out or shamed for not doing more, but you will be encouraged to do the best you can! My job, leading your workout, is to get you to believe in yourself the way that I believe in you. Show me whatcha got!

Indoor Cycling Classimage-60

Relevant to cycle only, here are modifications available as needed:

  • Add resistance from the beginning. Class is much “harder” with no resistance on because you will have no sense of control over your legs when you stand up. This can and will result in your foot coming unclipped- not fun. First hand experience here.
  • You always have the option to sit down at any point during the class. If you do, just make sure to add resistance so that your muscles are still challenged.
  • Walk on the slow beat. Fast jogs can be overwhelming and feel eternal if you’re new to indoor cycling. If you get to a point you feel out of control, slow down and add more resistance.
  • You are encouraged to do choreography but it is not required. Try it, but if you aren’t comfortable with upper body movement while you’re pedaling then just pedal. . It’s your ride!
  •  Modify claps to shoulder taps. If you don’t want to release both hands off the handlebars, just release one and tap your hand to it’s opposite shoulder.

I’m putting this info out because I want you to know that even though it’s hard, you can do this! You deserve to have fitness and all of the good things that come with it in your life. (Endorphins save lives, y’all!) You just have to start. Set individual goals for yourself in individual classes. Try to make it through the first 15 seconds of a sprint out of saddle.  Make it through a set of arms in barre class without resetting. Hold that yoga pose for 10 seconds.  Whatever you’re doing, set goals within each workout for yourself. Stay challenged! Before each cycle class I teach, I remind my clients that they should feel challenged throughout the class from start to finish. That’s right, it’s supposed to be “hard.” That comes from a place of love, because I don’t ever want to rob you of that sense of accomplishment after a workout when you leave knowing  you just gave it hell toward your goals. There’s honestly nothing like the feeling of physical exhaustion and mental satisfaction at the same time.

Are you ready to give this thing a go?! Come hang out with me at Zen, or better yet come take my class! I’m there teaching cycle every Wednesday night at 5:30 and 7:00 pm. Your first week is always free and we have a big event coming up next weekend with free classes all day on Saturday, January 19th. We’re celebrating the opening of our expanded studio in the Heights and will be offering free classes along with giveaways!  I’m teaching a free cycle at 11:00 AM Saturday.  Here is a link to the Facebook Event. Come see me! Hope this post lit a little bit of a fire under your ass, and you feel more empowered to take on the fitness world. Thanks for reading, as always! Drop any questions in the comments

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