2018 Wrapped with The Bold Condition

2018 has without a doubt been the fastest year of my life! The only thing I can think to attribute that to is how busy I’ve been in the last 12 months. With no regret, I realize that a large part of that busyness has been working on this blog project that I launched in March of this year. Initially, I had just hoped to have the opportunity to try out a few different group fitness classes and meet new folks along the way. Instead, I have found a place to cultivate my passion for fitness, fashion, health, and wellness plus I have met SO  many inspiring people along the way! If you are new to following the blog, I wanted to briefly recap the experiences I’ve had and blogged about in 2018 right here on The Bold Condition. Most every class and experience took place in Little Rock, Arkansas where I live. It’s amazing the amount of opportunity and growth happening within the Little Rock fitness community and it is my hope that my posts have inspired you to get involved! I’m going to attempt to categorize my recaps to make things as simple as possible. If you feel inclined to read any of the posts mentioned below, they are linked in their title. Click the link to see the full posts.


Intro to Zen Cycle – provides details of what a Zenstudio studio cycle class is like and my journey in becoming an instructor

Barre Basics– great for anyone interested in starting out taking barre classes! Info on the foundational movements and experience as a whole

Studio Bounce– a fitness class based off of bouncing on mini trampolines!


Winc Yoga– an intimate small group yoga class perfect for beginners. Held in the neatest venue and led by a special woman

SUP Yoga 501– Stand up paddle board yoga on the Arkansas River!


Little Rock Marathon 10K

Junior League of Little Rock 5K

Other Little Rock Boutique Fitness

Pure Barre Little Rock– a fast paced barre work out that is a series of tiny movements with big results!

Unleashed Health and Fitness– small group fitness composed of ever-changing circuits for a full body high intensity interval workout

Classes while Traveling

9Round Houston– 30 minute kickboxing class broken down into high intensity intervals

Fierce45 Denver– pilate-style reformer class that is extremely challenging

SoulCycle Uptown Dallas– a recap of the nationally acclaimed indoor cycling experience


Primally Pure Natural Deodorant– a recap of my experience transitioning to natural deodorant and why I have been a loyal Primally Pure customer for 2 years + a discount code.

Thai Massage at One Thai Spa– massage that focuses on breaking down adhesions and improving range of motion

Products for Healthy Hair Growth and Maintenance– a recap of the products and supplements that worked for me in an effort to grow and strengthen my hair.

Restore Cryotherapy: a series of posts reviewing all services offered at Restore Little Rock including Whole Body Cryotherapy, Cryofacial, Compression and Drip Therapy, Infrared sauna, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


5 days of Fitness recap + Early Morning Workout Trips

I Hired a Personal Trainer for 6 weeks and This is What Happened

Girl, Wash Your Face Review

Bachelorette Weekend in Dallas Texas Review

Snapseed 3

Hopefully, no matter who you are, where you are in your journey,  or what you are interested in, The Bold Condition has provided some insight that has somehow been helpful to you in 2018. As I created this year-end wrap post, I felt nostalgic because so much more of this year has been influenced by the community that has been built here at TBC than I realized before. On a serious note, I want to make sure and express to each and every one of you how thankful I am for your support throughout this year and going forward in 2019. You are the people that hold me accountable and inspire me daily to be the best version of myself. I have a lot of exciting content I’m eager to share with you all and, of course, ecstatic to keep up my Wednesday nights teaching cycle at Zenstudio! If there is anything you want me to research, try out, and provide feedback on please let me know. Last but not least, if you ever need a workout buddy to go to a class with, I’m your girl.

PS- Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for a chance to win a $300 gift card to amazon right now! The Giveaway closes at midnight tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) so hurry and enter! You can always shop all my daily and athletic apparel by following me using  Like To Know It. Happy New Year folks! Love to you all and God bless. XO




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