Primally Pure Natural Deodorant Recap

Hey all! If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably heard me mention that I use and have used Primally Pure natural, non-toxic deodorant for a while now. I’ve decided to compile all my info for you guys about their deodorant and tell you more about my transition to the natural side right here. Why now? Well, you will be glad to know that if you’ve been interested in making the switch, right now would be the most ideal time! I’ll explain why in a bit. First, I want to tell you how and why I made the switch. Keep reading for a discount code at the bottom!


As someone who has an interest in health and wellness, I have made an effort to start making healthier choices in all aspects of my life. One general but important fact I have learned is that the fewer number of ingredients within any product, the safer it is. I say safer because more ingredients in a product means it’s more processed. Products are processed using chemicals. Chemicals are toxins. Toxins are harmful (in many various ways). So, thats pretty much the gist of why natural products are the better choice. What does this mean specifically for deodorant? Well, many drugstore deodorant brands are processed with Aluminum (closely linked to Alzheimer’s) to prevent perspiration, Parabens (found in breast cancer tissue) for product preservation, and artificial fragrances (actually an umbrella term that can disguise a number of harmful chemicals.) After acquiring knowledge about the benefits of natural deodorant versus the dangers of the drugstore brands I had used in the past, I made up my mind that I would make the switch to a natural deodorant.

Initially, I thought the transition would be as simple as going to a natural grocery store like Whole Foods and purchasing whichever natural deodorant caught my eye. I couldn’t have been more wrong in that assumption. The simplest way to describe my journey toward natural deodorant is smelly. I tried a few different brands and could not find one with odor control that could sustain my sweat-every-day lifestyle. Frustrated, I made my way back to the familiar brands I had used before, but this time with a somewhat guilty conscience knowing I was submitting myself to harmful toxins in this way. Lo and behold, this wonderful internet and it’s social media connections introduced me to the Primally Pure brand by following another blogger, Juli Bauer Roth of I’ve  followed her for years for health and fitness inspo, and love that she just keeps it real with her dry sense of humor. When I read that she uses Primally Pure deodorant I decided it would be worth giving natural deodorant another try.

My first Primally Pure deodorant order was placed 1/23/17. I’m over here digging through my email archives for order confirmations only to prove to you that I have been using this stuff for nearly two years now and have not looked back. It is amazing! It’s composed of arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and pure essential oils for a safe, non-toxic, smell-good natural deodorant. They offer multiple scents and, just like when choosing a new perfume,  scents might not smell the same on different people. My personal favorite deodorant scent is the lavender. In the early stages, I learned the importance of ordering TWO quantities in each shipment because if you run out of your Primally Pure you do not want to go back to the drug store brand and start your transition all over again.

You may wonder what I mean by “transition”. The great thing about Primally Pure is that they acknowledge the difference in using a natural, non-toxic deodorant and send out information cards with a bit of a “heads up” in each shipment. The main thing I had to get used to is sweating. Our bodies are made to sweat in order to detoxify and cool us down so that we don’t overheat. Primally Pure deodorant allows us to sweat but without the stink! It’s serious magic. However, transitioning to the sweat life does take a bit to get comfortable so that’s why I say now is the best time to make the switch! The winter temps are cooler and you probably aren’t sweating much outside of the gym. The only other big difference is that a little of this deodorant goes a long way. In fact, over using and repeated swipes to your pits can lead to irritation. One to two swipes under each arm is plenty when using  Primally Pure.

I really am so happy with all of my experience using Primally Pure Products. They not only offer deodorant, but a number of other natural products and I have yet to be disappointed with any that I’ve tried! I really love the body butter and the complexion mist too. Primally Pure offers natural products for everyone including collections for men and babies as well. Last but not least, I wanted to tell you guys that I have a discount code for you to use at checkout for your Primally Pure order- yayyy discounts! Just use my code ‘BOLD10’ for 10% off your purchase. Thank you so much for reading today. I by no means claim to be all natural and organic in every aspect of my life (although I am trying to migrate in that direction). Primally Pure has provided me with really great products that are safe and effective and when something is that good, I have to share it with my people! If you have any questions never hesitate to ask. XO

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  1. Sounds like we need to get you our five fabulous formulas, especially our newest zinc! #getzinky

    1. Hey Lori, I am open to trying new products! Shoot me an email at

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