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Welcome back, folks! And, of course, TGIF! I recently re-signed myself up for another 8 week Body Project at Unleashed Health and Fitness and it dawned on me that I need to tell you guys more about UHF! I initially heard about UHF from my friend, Ashley, who started going to Body Project classes last year in preparation for her wedding. Sidenote, her bridal bod was insanely on point for the big day. Anyhow, when Lululemon Little Rock gave out passports with free passes to different local studios, I knew I wanted UHF to be my first stop.

After using my pass, I reached out to the owner, Stephanie Newcomb, and asked what my options were to start working out with her. I was insistent on getting back in there after that first class because Stephanie was so damn motivating in all aspects of the word! First of all, her bod is seriously rockin’. She looks so strong and every outfit she works out in fits like it was made just for her. She has the sweetest voice but she will get LOUD and tell you NOT TO QUIT! Last but not least, her music is always turned all the way up, non-stop high energy. I mean, how could I not start working out there with all of those good vibes?

Stephanie filled me in on the UHF options: she offers personal training and small group training. The Body Project is her class option offered either Monday and Friday 6:30-7:15 AM or Monday Wednesday Friday at 8:30 AM. The Body Project is an 8-week session and if you join the two days a week class it’s $175 and the three days a week class is $250. Because of my schedule, I decided my best option was to join the Monday/Friday class.  I’m going to be real with y’all and tell you that the pricing is really fair, especially for what you are getting! I’m gonna tell you about my full experience as a member of an 8-week Body Project class with details of what it is, exactly, you get when you sign up.

The Class Experience

Classes are 45 minutes long. The workouts are circuit training intervals with several exercises grouped together in one circuit, and we will repeat the circuit a number of times- usually 3 or 4 . There are typically at least 2 different circuits during class, each circuit always including multiple exercises. Before getting into our circuits we always have a warm up and the majority of the time that warm up is jumping rope. When was the last time you jumped rope? I’ll tell you, my last attempt before joining the Body Project was probably elementary school and I was real rusty with my skills. Like anything else, with practice comes improvement. Just in our last class Stephanie told us to jump rope 100 times as a part of a workout and I made it 74 before I whipped the front of my legs. Praise hands for progress!! Moving on from my humble brag, the exercises we do in each circuit are ever-changing. One of my absolute favorite things about working out with Stephanie is that she is so creative! I never get bored because (outside of the jump rope warm ups) I never know what we will be doing in class. I really love that Stephanie does the workout with us, too! Something about her engaging in the class in that way really motivates me to know that what we are doing is possible and pushes me that much more. On Mondays we typically do bodyweight exercises and on Fridays we use free weights. Cardio is always included, Mondays there is usually more movement and on Fridays the heavier weights get our heart rates up. On both days, I leave feeling like I got a great full body workout and in only 45 minutes.


The UHF Community

There is more to UHF than just showing up to the class. Before any of that, you can just look at @unleashedhf on Instagram and there are numerous resources for exercises you can do at home, healthy recipes, and general life inspo! Stephanie has an ‘Unleashed Squad’ GroupMe thread for UHF members and she is constantly sharing information about not only her classes but other opportunities to grow and to give back. For example, since I started working out at UHF Stephanie has organized a women’s self defense class for members, set up a donation from members to send a care package providing a better life to a 14 year old boy in Guatemala, started a 60 day journaling challenge for members to reach their goals BEFORE the start of the new year and be held accountable, held a clothing drive for members to donate items to women in need, and planned a UHF Holiday party. And thats all within 8 weeks. The woman is unstoppable y’all, and is genuinely on a mission to help everyone around her.

My Personal Thoughts

I love being a member of UHF for a lot of reasons but I’ll hit you with the high points. I love that it holds me accountable to start and end each week with a great workout. I like that it’s group fitness but small (we have 5ish people in class- 8:30 has more) so that I feel safely monitored in all of our exercises. I like being thrown into a community of people who enjoy UHF, just like I do, that I may have never met outside of working out there. I want to be more like Stephanie Newcomb. Is that weird to say? I don’t care if it is, she is extremely inspiring and very good at what she’s doing at UHF and out in the world in general.

Okay, have I convinced you to drink the UHF Kool-aid yet? Guess what, outside of personal training and Body Project classes, Stephanie offers Booty Camp classes on Saturdays that are open for drop ins! Guess what else, this Saturday (TOMORROW!) UHF Booty Camp is FREE and being held at the Healthy Hangout in the Promenade at Chenal! Saturday at 8:00 AM we are going to get our booty burn on- seriously, the whole class is booty intensive workouts- for free AND there will be discounted shakes and giveaways! Come work out with us and you will understand all of my hype about the UHF community!


If you are interested in learning more about Unleashed Health and Fitness or how to sign up for a Body Project Class you can call/text Stephanie at (501) 580-8613, email unleashedhf@gmail.com , or shoot her a DM on Instagram! UHF is located at 27220 Jess Morgan Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. As always, let her know you heard about UHF from The Bold Condition! Thank you guys for reading today, I hope to see you at booty camp tomorrow!



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