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Hey y’all!  We talk a lot about working our muscles out on here, but today I wanted to take a minute to talk about muscle recovery and my most recent favorite form of self-care. It’s Thai massage with Oravee Williams at One Thai Spa here in Little Rock. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already heard me raving about my experiences at One Thai spa on my insta story. If not, settle in, because I am about to tell you how this place has been such game changer for me and my body.

On One Thai Spa’s website they describe Thai massage as “an ancient form of body work that combines stretching, acupressure, Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures for an invigorating and balancing experience. By working within the limitations of the body, the technique is used to break down adhesion and scar tissue to increase flexibility and improve range of motion. By encouraging lymphatic function, this traditional massage can also detoxify the body and improve immune function.” I’m here to tell you, it does all of that and more. I came to know about One Thai Spa from my same friend that recommended my personal trainer to me- thanks, Lauren! (You can read all about my personal training experience here.) One Thai Spa is actually located right next door to Fine Lines Personal Training, and once I laid eyes on the location I became curious as to what, exactly, is involved in a Thai massage experience.

I will say, I consider myself a massage veteran. As I mentioned in this post, I had back surgery in 2006, but even before then and definitely since, I  have sought out massage therapy to relieve my back pain. Sure, massages can be a relaxing experience but when you are seeking actual pain relief, you know the massage process will have to “hurt” in order for tension to really be worked out. I’ve been to multiple facilities and encountered numerous massage therapist and my greatest frustration has been consistency. Finding a therapist that stays at one facility, finding a therapist that gets to know your body’s needs and consistently provides the work required for relief, and just enjoying the vibe of an experience enough to keep me consistently coming back for more. I was intrigued as to how a Thai massage experience would differ from all others in the past.

I had no real expectation going into my first session. I had spoken with Oravee on the phone to set up my appointment and knew she had been kind and seemed genuinely excited to start working with me.  When I saw her in person, my gosh, it’s impossible not to love her. She is so cute and bubbly while being warm and inviting. The best combo of a personality. The spa has multiple rooms each with thematic decor but cultural symbols and intricate designs are consistent throughout the walls of the spa. Shoes are not to be worn past the inside of the doorway. We work in the room on the left side of the spa. It’s filled with candles burning along the edges of the room and an essential oil diffuser provides the best clean and herby spa-like aroma. In the middle of the room there is a body-length pad on the floor topped with a fitted sheet and a quilt.

That’s the first distinct difference I noticed. We work on the floor rather than on a table. I always start by sitting up- this is different too. From there, I will lay on my back  and eventually flip onto my stomach for the end of the session. Oravee works her magic for an hour and a half and it is such an awesome experience. She does a lot of deep tissue work but also a whole lot of mobilization and range of motion work. Stretching that will reveal tension to you that you didn’t even realize was there but as it’s relieved it feels as though you are releasing internal weights. Throughout the massage she uses her hand-crafted balm that smells somewhat minty and feels amazing. The one thing I was most intrigued about before my appointment was if she would use her feet. She absolutely does! If you think this would freak you out, don’t let it. Her feet may as well be two more hands, the way she uses them. She has used her feet to stabilize my body as she uses her hands to stretch me or use her hands to stabilize while working through knots with her feet. In my last appointment she stood and walked on the backs of my legs up to my hips and my back and it felt ahhh-ma-zing. If you think this would be a hang up for you- push through it. Welcome the feet!! She also uses a machine called the Gx-99 Subdermal Therapy System toward the end of each session that she will move around my back as it vibrates. She tells me that it helps relieve adhesions from scar tissue. It feels good, so I’m down with it.


After each of my appointments I have been sore to some degree the next day. Again, if you are seeking out a massage for pain relief, you expect to be sore as your muscles have really been through a workout to break up areas of tension. I also always feel more mobile. It’s hard to put into words, but even circling my head around my neck and trying to press my ear to my shoulder,  I’m less stiff and have greater range of motion. I get a solid night’s sleep following each Thai massage. The relaxing spa environment, the tension release, and muscle fatigue all combine to facilitate a good night’s rest, something that is coming more rare for me these days.

So far, I have only received a Traditional Thai massage at One Thai Spa but they offer a large variety of services, several that target very specific needs. A couple of things I wanted to mention: In the description above it notes that yoga is a part of the Thai massage practice and Oravee includes this in her spa! She’s a yoga instructor and has a whole room in the spa dedicated to yoga practice. She showed me her equipment including a floor to ceiling wall you can harness into and use for inversions and working deeper into certain poses.  She also has an Infrared Sauna in the spa that is great for detoxing and using lights as mood therapy. Lastly, I want to note that she does do prenatal massage work. I know this because one of my friends that is expecting has gone to see her and loved her experience as well! Apparently some spas are very particular about working with pregnant women but Oravee is all about it! She is very committed to her work and providing quality service to her clients. She was out of town the majority of October for even more training! I fully trust her knowledge and skill level.

You can check out all of the services offered at One Thai Spa by going to their website. A 90 minute Thai massage is $140 and worth every single penny! You know I am here to tell you about the good stuff and I promise, promise One Thai Spa is REAL good. It is without a doubt the best massage experience I have ever had.  To schedule, you can call or text (501)563-8812! They are located at 1520 Macon Drive, Suite A2-A3 Little Rock, Arkansas. If you go, let them know you heard about them from The Bold Condition and please tell me what you think of your own experience! If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks so much for reading today!

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