Bachelorette weekend in Dallas, TX

Hi everyone!  Last weekend, I went to Dallas to celebrate a friend’s upcoming nuptials in October, and we had the best time! Since we clearly aren’t all 22 (Hey, I don’t know about you?!) anymore, the whole vibe of a bachelorette party may not look exactly like it used to, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun or exciting! I really loved every single part of our weekend and I think our bride did too!

We stayed at Nylo Dallas South Side boutique hotel and it was fabulous! Honestly, I haven’t stayed in a real hotel in so long, just because my husband and I have used AirBnb on our recent travels, but this was such a nice change of pace! The Nylo had such a cool retro vibe to it. Their lobby is decorated in colorful lounge chairs and sofas, game tables, beaded chandeliers, and exposed brick walls. The building was built in 1911 and has been repurposed as a hotel in recent years. The rooms are actually lofts and are very spacious with an industrial feel. Each room had 2 king beds, a casual sitting area, and a large bathroom. Four girls stayed in each room and we never once felt cramped for space! My favorite part of the Nylo was its swanky rooftop pool and lounge! We planned for pool time Saturday afternoon following brunch, before our evening plans! They have a sweet set up of a medium sized infinity pool with an amazing view of downtown Dallas. There are cabanas available to rent with bottle service options, but we just took advantage of the lounge bar for our individual drinks! The perfect afternoon activity, in my opinion. 🙂


On Friday everyone arrived checking in at different times and, naturally, I was starving by the time we got settled. So, a few of us walked to a nearby pub for drinks and apps. There were several tavern-type options right by the hotel! Friday night we went to dinner at Mudhen Meat and Greens. Ashley, the bride, is health-conscious, a badass, and completed multiple  Whole 30s, etc. This restaurant was a neat place with all the healthy options. They have actually been named Dallas’ best farm to table restaurant in the past! They provide a bowl option where you can pick your protein and veggies, but I was almost too overwhelmed with all the options. I opted instead to order their Loco Moco entree that was a ground beef, bacon, and mushroom patty (burger) topped with a fried egg and vinaigrette over cauliflower rice. It was very good! I had a berry fizz cocktail along with my meal that was divine! This was a cool stop because A) the food was delicious B) it provided a healthy meal option C) it was something different that I may not have otherwise branched out to try if it hadn’t been on our itinerary. After dinner, we made our way to the Deep Ellum area where there were a lot of nightlife options.


While we were walking the streets of Deep Ellum, we listened to see which place sounded the most fun and Stirr Dallas just drew us right in!  Stirr  is a restaurant, but has an upper level bar with another awesome view of the Dallas skyline, complete with loud club music and a fun crowd. We danced the night away and had a blast! It was ironic that we chose to go to Stirr Friday night, because we had already made reservations to go there for brunch on Saturday!  Their food is *AMAZING* definitely make reservations if you plan to go! This was my second time brunching there; I went with Ashley and another group last year when we were in Dallas for a concert. I was so happy to see that she had enjoyed it enough to put Stirr on our itinerary for her big weekend! I had their burger last year and I remember it exactly because of how damn delicious it was! This time around we ordered several small plates and everything was equally as impressive. I would like to specifically suggest you try the Gorgonzola Waffle Fries off of their sharable menu because omgggg  they were to die for! We earned that brunch, too, because we went straight there after a SoulCycle Class Saturday morning at 9:30! I’m going to make a whole separate recap post of  our SoulCycle experience,  but I wanted to mention it here because I was so grateful for a fitness activity on our weekend! It was in no way mandatory, Ashley enjoys exercising and just told the group that anyone who wanted to go was welcomed. There was no pressure if you wanted to skip on it.  She’s a chill bride like that!


Photo shared with permission by  Stirr Dallas

After a full day of cycle class, brunch, pool time, and a little nap (because, rally!) we got ready for Saturday night! As a group, we rented a party bus from Prime Limo and this was the most epic decision of the weekend, hands down! We reserved the bus from 7 until midnight and took full advantage. We held the bride’s lingerie party at the beginning of the bus ride while turning the playlists up and poppin bottles! We had dinner reservations at Javier’s at 9, which is an upscale Mexican restaurant. The lights are dim and white table linens present. The staff was impeccable! I ordered a frozen strawberry margarita and it was VERY good! I had been warned by a couple of the girl’s that the drinks were strong, so I only had one marg and then a beer, but the marg was definitely delicious! I wasn’t that hungry at dinner following our brunch feast, so I ordered the beef nachos off of the appetizer menu. They were okay in my opinion, but the entrees others ordered around me looked better. If and when I go back I will go ahead and order off of the entree menu- live a little! After dinner, we just cruised around Dallas in our party bus playing music, dancing, and sipping our (pre-purchased!) booze. The party bus was such a great idea because it was more than spacious enough for our group of 16, we could have our own cocktails much cheaper without all the crowd and bar competition for a drink, no one was being creepily hit on by a stranger, and we just got to really enjoy being around each other!


Going into this bachelorette weekend, I only personally knew 2 people well that were present- the bride and my friend, Jenny. I can honestly say this was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had! It’s so easy to celebrate Ashley on any day, but I met so many people who were fun and full of love and embraced me (a somewhat outsider) with open arms. Meeting new people can be intimidating, especially when the group is a collection of females that have known each other for a long time. These girls were only there to have fun and to shower our bride with love! It made me respect Ashley even more when I came to know the people she surrounds herself with. Good people attract good people, it’s that simple!


I hope by reading this today you may feel inspired to have your own girls weekend in Dallas! If you do, I hope you hit up any of the spots that I mentioned above, because I really have zero negative feedback on anything or anywhere we went during our stay. Also, maybe this will inspire you to branch out and take a trip with a group that may not be your own inner circle. We can only grow through meeting others and this group, this bride, and this weekend made my soul happy. Thank you for taking the time to read! If you have ever been to Dallas for a bachelorette or girls weekend please leave a comment and tell me your personal recommendations! Stay tuned for the SoulCycle recap soon!

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  1. What a fabulous review!! I’m so glad you loved the weekend, as did I! Vibes attract tribes and I’m grateful for you and your friendship! Love you big!

  2. Beautiful photos! Gah…I love my city.

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