Girl, Wash Your Face Review

Hey fam! Today, I want to step back from fitness for a minute and tell you about something else out there promoting wellness. It’s this book, Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I say this book promotes wellness because it’s motivating, relative, and the swift kick in the ass that we could all use from time to time! **There’s info on an event near you related to this book at the bottom of the post**

Rachel Hollis is the founder and CEO of Chic Media and the lifestyle blog The Chic Site . Her blog took off gaining her millions of fans and since then, she has developed Rise Podcast with her husband. She has also authored the book series The Girls and her own cookbook. She was named one of 30 entrepreneurs under 30 by Inc. Magazine in 2009 and now also serves as a motivational speaker. What I’m saying is, homegirl is 35 years old with a husband of 11 years 3 biological sons and one adopted daughter and she is a badass entrepreneur.

If reading that mini bio inspired you at all, you have no idea what this book is about to do for you, sister. The book is formatted so that each chapter is a lie that she has told herself in the past that got in the way of her living her best life. She introduces the lie in the beginning of each chapter, recalls personal accounts of how this lie played a part in her journey, and closes each chapter with ways she overcame those lies and how she chooses to be happy in who she is. Just to give you an example here are the titles of the first five chapters:

  1. The Lie: Something Else Will Make Me Happy
  2. The Lie: I’ll start  Tomorrow
  3. The Lie: I’m Not Good Enough
  4. The Lie: I’m Better Than You
  5. The Lie: Loving Him is Enough for Me

Any of that seem relatable at all? My guess is yes, and it was all so relatable for me, too! There are 20 chapters of lies and stories and helpful tips to find happiness in your truth. Even if a chapter is about something you haven’t experienced before, she articulates her journey so well that you find parts of yourself in every story she shares. For example, there are a few chapters about her experiences in motherhood. Being that I don’t have children of my own right now, I wondered how I would relate but then she dives into her personal struggle with wanting to be with her babies but needing to work and about loving her family but also loving what she does and working to find that balance with both at all times. This is something I think about when considering my future and starting a family and what that will all mean for my career. As I mentioned before, this book will light a fire under your tail because the main theme in its entirety is that you are responsible for who you are and how happy you are. She tells us that we decide what we allow ourselves to believe and we decide how we respond to those beliefs. She speaks fiercely of finding self-worth and pride in every tiny accomplishment. She tells us to shut down the negative self talk and to share with others -maybe even professionals- when we need to let things go. From relationships, to career choices, to comparison,  to parenting, to body image, to expectation..she reminds you that there is no perfect timeline and that each day, month, and year of life should be celebrated. All of this in one book, but the beauty isn’t that she tells us women how to live life, the beauty is how she shares her journey and the lessons she has learned along the way. Her personal stories will move you in a way that you share in some of her same goals, laugh with her in embarrassing moments, mourn for her losses, and reflect upon her strength and tenacity in awe.

Can you tell I loved the book? I am so serious when I say that I read the first page of the introduction and put the book down because I needed a highlighter. After one page, I read words that I knew I wanted to remember. Before buying this book, I was unsure what to expect because of the title. I will explain it by recounting one of my own personal experiences in which I was maybe 20 years old and having a complete life moment melt down in front of my parents… I can’t even remember what it was about now. It was intense and I was dramatic as ever and the thing I remember about that day and that melt down was when I finally shut my rant up and took a breath my dad looked at me and said “Pull yourself together!” Swear, I’ll never forget it. And I will never forget Rachel Hollis and the same way she told the world “Girl, Wash Your Face!”

I wanted to share this with you today because there is a special event coming up where we can all get even more of this goodness. Rachel Hollis does motivational speaking conferences and has made a movie titled Made for More so that we can all experience a snippet of what those who attend the conference experience. It’s only showing this Thursday August 2nd and Monday August 13 at select theaters. Get your tickets here! If you are a Little Rock local, I know that it’s showing at Breckenridge Movie theater and The Rave. I’m planning to go Thursday with some girlfriends and I can’t wait! There weren’t many seats left so hurry up and get your tickets now!

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If you want to purchase the book Girl, Wash Your Face just click here! If you have read it, let me know in the comments some of your favorite take aways from this best seller! Hope to see some of you at the movie showing this Thursday, thanks for reading today!XXO




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