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Last month, my husband was in a wedding in Crested Butte, Colorado and we decided to make a whole trip of it! We flew into Denver a few days early before heading up to the mountains and, of course, I wanted to try a new workout while we were in town. One of my best friends actually lives in Denver, so I reached out to her about different workout facilities there when trying to decide on a class. She sent me a few great options and after researching them all a bit, I decided on Fierce 45. Here’s why I chose them: 1.It was a pilates-style class and I have never used a reformer machine. 2.They have Ben Higgins from the Bachelor as a part of their marketing strategy. As in, he has gone to their classes. As in, maybe I would bump into him?! Sold. Endorsements work, people.

We were traveling with some friends of ours from Little Rock and I was able to convince my friend Lauren to go to class with me. It’s always easier going somewhere new with a buddy, ya know? She was a newb to pilates too but she works out regularly with a trainer. So in we went, neither knowing what to expect. The Fierce 45 space was really cool! It had a total boutique vibe going on with some cute merch sitting out in the lobby. The lobby opened right up into the class space which was filled with two rows of reformers. Our instructor recommended we set up in the middle of the class so that we could see all of her demonstrations. Prior to class we were given a pair of sticky socks (similar to what I wore at Pure Barre) to help keep us from slipping on the reformer. We learned that their specific machines are X-reformers. They have springs of various resistances that connect the front platform to the middle platform. The middle platform moves when force is applied and that’s the constant theme throughout the class.


With very small and very slow movements, you use muscle strength to move the middle platform forward and backward. It was SO difficult for me! My muscles were quivering within the first 3 minutes, no doubt. We moved that middle platform in side squats, in front lunges, from the floor in which we kicked straight back, from our knees, and in sidelying to target our obliques. All the ways. The movements were so small and precise too. The instructor would count “Down 1. down 2. down3. down 4. Up 1. Up 2.” and so on. OH! Don’t let me forget to mention planks and push ups, because those were involved too. The back of the reformer machine housed two little handles that were their own special form of torture. We used these for arm work, put our feet in them for donkey kick type of seat work, and again for more core work. Class was a total of 45 minutes and I felt every single one of them. That is a fact.

As a whole, this class challenged me so much mentally and physically. It was mentally hard on me because it was such a slow pace and I’m always ready to rage at rapid speed. I spent most of my time in class silently willing our instructor to speed up her counts. But then the movements would have been less effective, I figure. It was physically challenging slash major wake up call that I don’t push my core and upper body enough. I feel like this is a current theme in all of my recaps that involve any core or upper body work. Whoops! The next day I was so sore. Not in the good way where you feel a little stiff but feel even more accomplished of your “gainz”. NERP! This was an OMG it hurts to breath give me 800 mg ibuprofen now kind of sore. So, that’s a con in my opinion. I found it interesting that my friend Lauren who works out with a trainer was the most sore in her legs and booty and I was okay from my hips down but my upper body felt like it was hit by a train. I think this shows that the class really was a full body work out and our soreness just highlighted the areas we have been neglecting in our own routines.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The overall gist here is that I’m glad I went. I’m glad I tried something new and something that challenged me in ways I haven’t been challenged before. The space was super cute and hip and the reformers are a force to be reckoned with. Our instructor was very cool, she had a chill voice but encouraged us to all push through the burn/quiver. Also, this is not technical data but I have grown to learn you can typically tell a lot about the workout by looking around at the body types of  other clients in the room. I understand that we are all made differently, but I do believe that the type of workout you do can determine how your muscle tone will manifest. Let me tell ya, 10/10 of the other clients in this class had the whole long and lean model type of bod going on. I figure that wasn’t a total coincidence. However, for me personally, I would probably only be able to supplement in this class once, maybe twice a week if I were a local. That is strictly because I prefer a faster pace and because I bore so easily. Our instructor actually told me that fierce 45 is a great complement to running and I could definitely see that being a beautiful companionship. The problem is I suck at both. The only other con I have to this experience is that I didn’t run into Ben Higgins. He was probably off saving the world somewhere while I was getting my shake on in class. PS- husband knows I was definitely on the lookout for Higgins. He’s cool with it.

Have you every used any type of pilates reformer machine before? What was your experience like? Am I the only one who suffered such great soreness after? Leave a comment and tell me the details! Thanks for reading today. More good stuff coming your way soon! XO

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