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Welcome back! Today I’m here to tell you all about the newest class offered at my home studio, Zenstudio!  Studio Bounce is all the rave because you now have the opportunity for a dance party on a TRAMPOLINE. That’s right, it’s called Studio Bounce because you are bouncing on a mini trampoline! There is choreography, cardio and strength training intervals on and off the trampoline making it a full body workout. BOOM!


Okay, now I will tell you about my predisposition about this class before taking it for the first time: I thought I would be good at it, but I might pee on myself in the middle of class.  Full disclosure there, with maybe a little too much info, but I’m just keeping it real with you. I thought I would be good at it because of my dance background and the fact that I teach spin/ enjoy cardio. I thought I might pee on myself, well, because it’s a trampoline and a couple of years ago I went with some friends to a trampoline park after drinking a beer or two and I swear I was sprinting to the restroom constantly. I decided that the equation of the issue was my bladder + trampoline bouncing. Never thought to figure in the problem might just be *beer* instead. (facepalm)

Both of my pre-class thoughts proved to be moot because finding my coordination on the trampoline was difficult! Not because the choreography was too hard or the class was too intense, but just because I don’t typically bounce on a trampoline and it has actually been years since doing so. I told the instructor, Ashley, that I felt like baby Bambi in that first class! Here is the really cool thing about this specific class- it stays the exact same for two weeks. So, the music, choreography, and class layout is all the same for two weeks. That really gives you an opportunity to conquer the choreography and see progress in your strength and endurance over that period of time! Also, I had no bladder control issues as the trampolines really aren’t that “bouncey” so there wasn’t a lot of jarring with gravity working against me! Whew


I really enjoyed the layout of this class. We started with a warm up and then got right into choreographed cardio intervals on the trampoline. Much like spin, the choreography  is during the chorus part of the song and in between choreography you bounce in second position. Bouncing in second is no joke as it’s still an active motion where you are kind of in a squatted position with your knees bent and butt pushed back a little. Ashley would instruct us to push “down down down” as we bounced in second. Like I said, it’s no joke! Ashley would always demonstrate our choreography before counting us in and she stayed with us counting it out as we went. This was SUPER helpful in the moments I would get off beat or move the wrong way, I just looked at her to get back on track. She did the ENTIRE class with us- which I personally love so much. The first cardio round was 3 songs on the trampoline, then we did our first strength section on the floor using weights. The floor work involves various movements targeting different muscles. Then, we got back on the trampoline for another 2-song cardio interval with choreography. From there we alternated between strength and cardio and right before the end of class we did a core section that lit these hidden baby abs on fiiiiiire! Clearly, I needed it. We end with a cardio round on the tramp and the final song was a sprint. The sprint is literally a sprint running in place on the trampoline. I felt a little silly doing this at first and then about 10 seconds in I felt the burn and thought “oooooh, okay this is the real deal!” At the end of class there is a cool down song where you stretch and it’s wonderful.

I burned right at 300 calories in this class, according to my Apple Watch. I was a little surprised to see that it was lower than what I typically burn in a spin class because when class was over I felt like I had done more than what that number on my watch portrayed. And the truth of the matter is that I had. During the strength portions of class when we were off of the trampolines, my heart rate would decrease and it would take it a bit to get back up once on the trampoline again. My Apple Watch may not record it, but during those strength sections I am actually getting stronger and building muscle mass. I am trying so hard not to focus on numbers as much these days! Baby steps.


Overall, Studio Bounce is a full body workout, appropriate for any and all fitness levels. It’s a totally unique experience and honestly, it’s fun! I love that the class stays the same for two weeks giving me the opportunity for success with the choreography and strength portions, plus it makes it MORE fun each time you show up to class! If you’re interested in trying out Studio Bounce just download the Zenstudio app in your App Store and sign up there! You can also sign up online at Zenstudiofitness.com. First week of classes is free! Thanks so much for reading today! Don’t forget, you can shop this post just by clicking the photos below! Happy Monday and have a great week!


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