Cycle Recap 6/7/18

Hey all! Wanted to check in real quick and tell you all about my double spin class from last night at Zenstudio! Yesterday was a rough one at the day job, and I was fully relying for spin to turn my mood around. Nothing major happened, it was just one of those days where one thing after another seemed to go wrong- ya know what I mean? I like to build my playlist around whatever mood I’m in so I went for an uplifting vibe without being too over the top. Yesterday just wasn’t going to be one of those rage to electronic music every single song classes. TBH- none of my classes are typically that way. I’m old school and get tired of EDM pretty quick. Here is yesterday’s playlist with choreography:

“Butterfly Effect”- Travis Scott- warm up jog with choreography, moderate resistance

“Just Like Fire”-P!nk- jog with choreography, light resistance

“Hold Me Down”- Halsey- jog with isolations, moderate resistance

“Issues- Alan Walker Remix”-Julia Michaels- sprints, light resistance

“The Party (This is How We Do It)”-Joe Stone- Arms

“Feels Great (feat. Fetty Wap & CVBZ)”-Cheat Codes- combination jumps, light resistance

“Team”- Iggy Azalea- jog with choreography, light resistance

“Radioactive”- Imagine Dragons- climb with choreography, moderate-heavy resistance

“Mercy”- Lookas- weighted sprints, heavy resistance

“All the Star (with SZA)”- Kendrick Lamar- arms

“Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor)”-Bassnectar- fast jumps, light resistance

“Plain Jane”-A$AP Ferg- jog with choreography, light resistance

“Can You Feel It”-T- Mass, Enthic- sprints, light resistance

“My Type”- The Chainsmokers- cool down

See, all fun and feel-good  tunes to turn the day’s frown upside down. Endorphins are such good medicine, yall! Another awesome perk of Zenstudio is they carry individually packaged pick-me-ups like Advocare Spark and Arbonne Fizz Sticks. Those come in so clutch for the late afternoon when I need a little energy boost before teaching!


Be sure to check back on Monday, because I am going to be telling you all about another class offered by Zenstudio that I’ve been trying out! Zen has so much to offer and I am excited to keep sharing more of it with you all. Now then, I am SO pumped to tell you that I’m now affiliated with Reward Style and the app so that you can shop my looks! If you are interested in purchasing this white and navy Water Flower set that has been my favorite athletic purchase of the summer, you have several easy options to shop! Since you’re already here, all ya have to do is click the links below to go straight to the product. Another option is for you to download the free app in your app store and follow me! Everything I post will be there with clickable links for you to shop! I am so thrilled to be a member of rewardStyle because fitness and fashion are two of my greatest passions and they just bring it all together! Hopefully you enjoy the convenience and ease of using these links as well! If you follow me on Instagram, once you download the app you can also screenshot my posts and they will appear in your app for yet another way to shop. The possibilities are endless, people!

Thanks so much for reading today! And thank you too, to those of you who keep coming to my classes each week. You motivate me to keep challenging myself (and you!) with new music, choreography, and intervals for every class. Love to you all! XOXO

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