Cycle Recap 5/30 & 6/1

Hey ya’ll! Whew, it has been a minute since I gave ya’ll a recap from my weekly cycle class at Zenstudio. I have been frolicking  around trying out lots of new stuff to tell you all about; but I can’t forget about my first love, the OG (original gangster- for those of you like ‘huh?’), the place that sets my soul on actual fire. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it’s true. I love it! And apparently a lot of others do too because as of this week, our Bikini or Bust Challenge had officially ended and school is officially out for summer, but the people still showed for class! We’re in a committed relationship, 24/7/365 ya dig?

Zenstudio Instructor

Naturally, attendance does drop a bit during the summer months but I wanted to say my piece that now is not the time to slack. People have worked so hard to get their “summer bod” ready and I can tell you from personal experience it does not take much more than a  few cheeseburger- cold beer, chips and guac-margarita moments to reverse all of that hard work we’ve put in. This time of year I try to set some kind of health-related goal for myself so I can stay on track. Something that I have been gaining interest in is looking at my body fat percentage on my scale rather than the number showing what I weigh. I haven’t fully decided, but I am thinking my summer goal will be related to decreasing my body fat percentage (it is too high per all sources I have used to research). If you have any other motivational ideas for summer goals hit me up!

Zenstudio Fitness

This week I subbed our Friday at 4:00 pm heights class and that was a really fun sweat sesh heading into the weekend! I had several repeat riders from Wednesday’s class so I made an effort to switch out most songs from my playlist on Wednesday. I will give you Wednesday’s run down first:

“Look Alive (feat. Drake)”- BlocBoy JB- warm up jog with choreography mod resistance

“Back to You-Digital Farm Animals Remix)- Louis Tomlinson- fast jumps, light resistance

“Light”- San Holo- jog with choreography-moderate resistance

“Cool for the Summer”- Demi Lovato- sprints, light resistance

“Cruise”- Kygo- arms

“I’m the One”- DJ Khaled- fast jog with choreography, light resistance

“Bitch Better Have My Money”-Rihanna- weighted jumps, climbing resistance

“Alarm- Marshmello Remix”- Anne-Marie- weighted sprints, heavy resistance

“The Mack”- Nevada- arms

“What’s Your Fantasy”- Ludacris- fast jumps, light resistance

“Bugatti”- Ace Hood- jog with choreography mod resistance

“Can you Feel it”- T-mass- sprints, light resistance

“My Type”- The Chainsmokers- cool down

That Chainsmokers cool down song is my all-time favorite song of theirs thus far. I’m a huge fan of most all of their music but that song is just ahhh, so good! Now, on to Friday’s class. I’m a little bit of a cheese ball in that I love a theme song (see “Cool for the Summer” above) so I went ahead and added to that a bit for this class heading into the weekend.

“Thunder/ Young Dumb & Broke Medley”- Imagine Dragons- fast jumps, light resistance

“Drop it Down Like”- Lady Bee- jog with choreography mod resistance

“Treat You Better”- Shawn Mendes- jog with choreography light resistance

“Cool for the Summer”- Demi Lovato- sprints, light resistance

“The Party (This is How We Do it)”- Joe Stone- arms

“Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor)”- Bassnectar- fast jumps light resistance

“Hold Me Down”- Halsey- isolations mod resistance

“Dead and Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake)”- T.I.- climb with choreography heavy resistance

“Alarm-Marshmello Remix”- Anne-Marie- weighted sprints heavy resistance

“Something New”-Axweel /\ Ingrosso- arms

“Just like Fire”-Pink- jog with choreography light resistance

“Hello Friday (feat. Jason Derulo) Owen Norton Remix”-Flo Rida- sprints light resistance

“Green Mountain State”- Trevor Hall- cool down

Did you catch all the themes? Hello Friday, this is how we do it it’s Friday night and I feel alright cause we’re cool for the summer ayyyyeee! Told ya. Cheeseball. But I had fun and I think the ladies in class did too! Okay, that’s all, I’m done. Have a great weekend! XO





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