5 Days of Fitness Recap +Early Morning Workout Tips

Hello! Here we are, beginning a new week and today I want to switch it up a bit and recap last week’s #5daysoffitness challenge, along with a few tips that helped me make it through! If you don’t know what I’m referring to when I mention the 5 days of fitness challenge, I’ll give ya a little back story. Last Sunday, I took to Instagram stories and shared that I had a goal for that week to work out each and every day Monday through Friday as the final stretch leading up to a wedding I was in over this past weekend. I usually work out 3-4 times a week typically 3 week days and one time over the weekend, so I knew 5 days in a row would challenge me. I came up with the #5daysoffitness challenge to try to motivate others, all while keeping myself focused and accountable to reach my goal. I challenged everyone to participate in this challenge with me with the promise of a giveaway at the end of the week. To enter you had to work out 5 times between Sunday-Sunday, document your workout and tag me! I kept a log of each person who entered and added to their entry each time they tagged me.

Several of us made it! It was really fun to see what everyone else is doing to move their body and to interact back and forth all week to stay motivated. I learned about new class opportunities here in Little Rock, took a new class myself (that I will be telling you more about soon!), and stayed inspired daily by others, pushing themselves to complete this challenge. Success! The challenge was beneficial for my body, as well! By the end of my 5 days of exercise I had dropped 2.2 pounds on the scale and 0.9% body fat. I realize a lot of what I lost was water weight or  “bloat” but shoot I’ll take that too! I made an attempt to eat healthy-ish during the challenge but gave myself no real diet restrictions, so I attribute my results mostly to exercise.


I wanted to take you through my week of exercise for the challenge. Monday morning I went to Orange Theory at 6 AM. Tuesday, I went back to Pure Barre at 6 AM, Wednesday evening I taught back to back spin classes at Zenstudio, Thursday morning I went back to Orange Theory at 6 AM, and Friday morning I finished the challenge and my first free week off at Pure Barre at 6 AM. If you notice, 4 out of 5 days of the challenge I worked out early in the morning. I haven’t been going to early classes regularly, but I used to a few years back. I am NOT a morning person in any way, so making it to an early class is always a big feat for me! This week of early rising reminded me of the many benefits of morning workouts. I was more productive all week at work than I have been in a long time, and I entered into each work day with a much more positive mindset toward the day than if I had just rolled out of bed and into the car for work. I realize some of you readers may not be morning people either, so I thought I would share a few tips I have that make it easier to get out of bed and get a workout in to start the day:

1: Put your alarm across the room

Whatever you use for your alarm clock- I use my phone- put it across the room so that when it goes off you have to actually get out of bed and walk across the room to turn it off. It’s too easy to stay in bed and hit snooze if all you have to do is roll over to turn it off.  Getting yourself out of bed is step one, and by moving your alarm across the room you force yourself to complete step one.

2: Set multiple alarms 3 minutes apart 

This one goes out to all the snoozers in the land (ME!) If you are really stubborn about wanting to sleep in when that first alarm goes off, you may still walk yourself right back over to get back in bed after turning off the first alarm. I’ve done this too many times to count. Slightly embarrassing but just keeping it real. I’ve found 3 minutes is the perfect time to separate alarms because by the time I get back to bed and lay there I don’t have time to drift back off before the next alarm sounds and I have to get up again. 5 minutes is too long of a space- I can get right back in a deep slumber in 5 minutes and then I’m just mad when the next alarm goes off. I’ve found that 3 minutes gives me just enough time to kind of ease into being up for good.

3: Set your clothes out the night before

This is simple, setting your clothes out the night before a morning workout speeds up the getting ready process and allows more time for sleep. I typically set mine right by my toothbrush and in the morning it takes me about a minute to put my clothes on and a minute to brush my teeth then I’m out the door.

4: Sign up for class ahead of time

Again, this is a simple system to hold you accountable. If you are taking classes at a studio, most have a no show fee and a late cancel policy. Basically, if you sign up for class and don’t show, you’re going to have to pay a fee. Let’s be real, that money could be much better spent buying coffee and a bagel.

5: Make plans with a buddy

This one is so crucial! Last week I had at least one physical buddy in each class I took, and I had a lot of “virtual” buddies through social media connections! For me, I am much more liable to skip the work out and let myself down if I don’t have a buddy going to class. If I make a plan with someone going to class, I will push myself even harder to get there because I am not trying to be a flakey friend. Everyone wins!


These 5 tips are what I use each time I make a plan to get up with the sun to get a workout in! One other thing I want to mention is that things happen and that’s okay! Sometimes you set your alarm for PM instead of AM or you just turn it off and don’t get up at all. If that happens, try to stay positive and simply make a new plan to workout at some point during the day whether that be your lunch break or later that evening. If you prioritize yourself and your health, there is always time! If you have any other great tips for morning workouts or staying motivated in general, drop them in the comments below! Thank you to everyone who participated in the #5daysoffitness challenge- you all inspire me so much! The giveaway gift was this cute water bottle! Since this challenge went so well, I am thinking I will do another one sometime mid summer so stay tuned! Love to you all, XO!

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