Cycle Recap 5/9/18

Fri-yayyy Heyyyy! Welcome to the weekend folks! I’ve spent all week feeling like I’m “behind” and thinking I will spend time this weekend to catch up on all the things I need to do but now it’s Friday and I’m like “Hey! Can I get a cold beer?!” Ahh always seeking that balance in life of grinding hard but taking time to love on my people (and my pups!) when I can.  I’m excited to be teaching my final Saturday pop-up cycle at Zenstudio Chenal tomorrow morning at 11:00! Our Bikini or Bust Challenge is almost over and I have fun plans the next two weekends, hence why tomorrow will be my last pop-up of the challenge. I have enjoyed these pop-ups because I get to see and meet a lot of new people who may not be able to make it to my Wednesday night classes! I have some upcoming classes I’ll be subbing after the challenge is over so I will be sure to keep y’all posted on that too!

This week’s spin Wednesday double spin was fun as always, and just what the doctor ordered for my mid week endorphin rush. Class was a good mixture of jogs, jumps, and sprints with the playlist just as random as ever. I told my 7 pm class that I recognize I have been using more EDM-type of music lately but that I feel called to get back to my first love of gangsta rap. I’ve been browsing some old Dr. Dre and Snoop records for inspo so keep coming to class cause we’re about to get down with some diff jams. Here is the line up from this week:

“Don’t Say”- The Chainsmokers– warm up jog with isolations, moderate resistance

“Don’t”- Ed Sheeran- Fast jog with simple choreography, light resistance

“Nevermind”- Dennis Lloyd- combination jumps, light resistance

“Lit (feat. Gucci Mane & T-Pain)”- Steve Aoki- sprints, light resistance

“Of the Night”-Bastille- arms

“Dance (A$$)”-Big Sean- jog with choreography moderate resistance

“Dead and Gone”- T.I., Justin Timberlake- climb with choreography, increasing resistance

“Heavy (feat. Kiiara)”- weighted sprints, heavy resistance

“Something New”-Axwell Ingrosso- arms

“Applause-DJ White Shadow Trap Remix”- Lady Gaga- jumps, light resistance

“2 step”- Unk- jog with choreography, light resistance

“Young- Midnight Kids Remix”- The Chainsmokers- sprints, light resistance

“I fall Apart” -Post Malone- cool down

A highlight from this week was that I asked clients in my 5:30 if they attended a recent Post Malone themed class that I was unable to make it to (womp) and asked them if they remembered what they did for his song “Psycho”. This was kind of a trick- I LOVE this jam and have played around with it but haven’t found anything that creatively loved enough to use in class. I say it was a trick because I always get so in my head about whether or not people remember exact choreography combinations from songs etc from past classes when I’m writing new stuff and sure enough, they knew exactly what they did for that song and showed me as soon as I turned it on. Isn’t it crazy how music and movement just sticks with you like that?! I can pretty much remember all of my jog songs’ choreography from all 3 years I have taught but I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. BTW, the choreography was a perfect fit for the psycho song so mad props to Katelyn for being a class writing creative genius! Maybe one day I will figure out what I want to do with it and throw it in a class, stay tuned!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I’m having Apple Watch struggles. For some reason, my wrist has been breaking out in this round rash right where my watch band lays on the inside of my wrist. If I wear my watch even for a short amount of time, the flare ups have become more and more intense. I asked my gram fam for any suggestions and got a lot of feedback! Since then, I have been applying hydrocortisone cream to the spot and haven’t been wearing my watch in hopes that it will heal. Several people suggested trying a Nylon band rather than the silicone so I’m working on getting a new band and hoping that will fix the problem. For that reason, I don’t have cal burn stats for y’all this week but hopefully next week I will have those available! If you have any other suggestions or have had the same trouble, let me know in the comments below! I love being able to interact with you all and even share tips I receive from some with others who have messaged me asking me to keep them informed of what recs I receive. I’m telling y’all it takes a village. Thanks so much for being a part of mine! I appreciate you reading today. Have a happy weekend- come see me at 11:00 tomorrow for spin if you can!

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