9Round Houston Recap

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took a trip to Houston, Texas to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We try to travel around this time every year because our anniversary and my birthday are about a week apart and we prefer to spend our time and money visiting somewhere new versus exchanging materialistic gifts. Why Houston? Well, I have been a big Eric Church (country music artist) fan since college and have seen him in concert more times than I can count at a lot of different and cool venues. He had a make up concert in The Woodlands outside of Houston that weekend, so  we planned to Houston as this year’s anniversary destination. The concert was great and we had a really fun trip! Of course, while I was there I wanted to try out a new workout class and since husband was going to tag along he wanted to try a kickboxing class.

After doing a little research, I found 9Round and decided that’s where I wanted to go! I have never attempted any actual kickboxing and there were several unique aspects of what they offer that had me intrigued. Per their website, “9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens.” So basically, you show up whenever you want and there are 9 stations with different work out intervals along with transitioning intervals that you work your way through. 30 minutes later you’re out the door having completed a high intensity kick-ass workout.

At 9Round they have a bell system on the wall with a green, yellow, and red light. It’s constantly “on” and running so that you can just roll in at any time and start your workout. Each station at 9Round is a 3 minute interval. You begin when the bell sounds and the green light comes on. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds the bell sounds again and the yellow light comes on notifying you you have 30 seconds left in the round. When the round is finished the bell sounds and the red light appears. I should note, too, that there is a trainer present at all times providing demonstrations of the workouts, verbal cues for your timing, and motivating you to keep at it and finish strong! Between each round the trainer will yell out your transitional assignment and you do that exercise for one minute until the bell and green light starts the next round. Our trainer at 9Round River Oaks was Alex and she was blonde and beautiful and strong and patient with our beginner selves. #Goalz


Round 1 of the workout was jumping jacks with a medicine ball and mountain climbers; 10 of each for 3 minutes. Round 2 was alternating squat kicks while holding the medicine ball for 3 minutes. Rounds 1 and 2 had me feeling like I knew what I was doing, since I have done those exercises and used medicine balls in the past. Round 3 was jabs at a quick puncher (I used Google for that specific terminology). It was a red ball with on a rope that was connected to the floor and a beam up top. This required coordination I currently don’t have. Round 4 was cross jabs and kicks at a punching bag. We put on gloves for this one. This round really got the heart rate up! We kept our gloves on for round 5 and here we threw upper cut punches  and kicks at a different bag. With each of these we alternate between using  right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg with the punches and kicks; 10 each. For Round 6 we did intervals of round hits and round kicks. My husband and our trainer that day said this was my strongest round. Just call me Rocky! We were done with the gloves after Round 6 and for Round 7 we did high knees into a suspended bolster followed by donkey kicks from the floor on our hands and knees; 10 of each. Round 8 we did circle punches on a speed bag and again, I struggled with my coordination on this one. Just imagine doing the hand motions for the song “Proud Mary”(Rolling on the River) but holding them up high and moving really fast while punching a bag. I sucked at it. Gotta start somewhere though! Our 9th and final round was sit ups with over head press and Russian twists with a medicine ball. Alex, our trainer, said round 9 is always abs. Some examples of the transitional movements we did between each round were jump rope, high knees, jumping jacks, knees to elbows, etc.


It was non-stop once we got going and it was a really good workout in just 30 minutes! I did set my Apple Watch in hopes of sharing my stats with you guys, but unfortunately it cut itself off at some point during the workout. Probably in the middle of those big punches I was throwing- HA! Based off of just how I felt, I think I had a high calorie burn in this experience. I liked that there wasn’t much downtime and my heart rate went through intervals of being increased to really high depending on what exercises were a part of each round. Lots of strengthening and toning was going on too between the ab workouts, punches, and booty work. I liked that it really challenged my coordination as well and I previously thought of myself as pretty coordinated. There were a lot of moments in the class I was doing something and knew that area in my level of fitness needed to be improved upon!

Overall, my favorite takeaways from my experience at 9Round are the convenience of being able to go at any time, it only lasts 30 minutes, it’s high intensity intervals, the use of unique equipment for strength and coordination, and it’s ability to make me feel like I could kick someone’s ass if I really had to. I legit think Jett would be a nervous if I came at him with one of my round kicks haha. But seriously, it’s empowering to not only complete a work out and feel stronger afterward, but to feel stronger in a way that could help you potentially defend yourself if needed. My only negative feedback is that the gloves are kind of stinky, but they do Lysol them after each use. One other tip that I wish I had thought of beforehand is don’t wear your rings if you have them. I still have a few scabs on the sides of my fingers from wearing mine while throwing punches.


A big thank you to our trainer Alex, and the 9Round River Oaks crew in Houston who were nothing but supportive of us throughout this experience! 9Round is a franchise and has 600+ locations. To find the location nearest you just head to their website and type in your zip code. I highly recommend this unique, fun, and fast way to get a workout in if you have the opportunity! Thank you all for reading today’s post. If you have tried 9Round before let me know what you thought of your experience in the comments below!

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