29 Facts about me + Giveaway

Hey ya’ll, since today is my 29th birthday I decided to switch it up and do a mini post sharing 29 facts you may not know about me! One of my main goals for this blog is to get to know others within the fitness community, and figured I could start the conversation by helping you get to know me better! Some of you may already know most of these but I tried to throw a few curve balls in there to trip you up- haha. To celebrate, I’ve teamed up with Athleta and I’m giving away a $100 shopping card to one lucky winner! Enter by visiting my Facebook or Instagram page: 1) follow me @Theboldcondition 2) like today’s photo, and 3) comment tagging 2 friends you think might like to win the shop card too! Be sure to comment below here with info about yourself, too! Let’s be friends! Okay, here are 29 facts about me, in no particular order. Have a great day- I am grateful for the chance to embrace a new age and I am happy to share this moment in life with you!!

1. I’m a Christian

2. I have never been able to give up Dr. Pepper cold turkey, I still have one or two a month

3. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, dance, and cheerleading which is where my inspo to stay active began

4. I have two dogs: both rescues; both mutts; both my babies #adoptdontshop

5. My mouth gets me in trouble more than anything because I tend to say what I’m thinking and my opinion isn’t always welcomed

6. I went to Jonesboro High School and graduated in 2007 #OTR

7. My favorite food is Mac and Cheese

8. I went to college at the University of Mississippi from 2007-2009

9. I came back to Arkansas State University when I changed my major in spring of my Sophomore year

10. I think Memorial Day is the most undervalued holiday. The start of summer and lake days is the best!

11. I have one sibling, a brother, who is 11 years younger than me

12. I went to the University of Central Arkansas in Conway for graduate school where I got my Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy degree

13. My all-time favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel. For real.

14. I have lived in Little Rock since 2012 and I really love it here

15. My favorite movie is Father of the Bride

16. I have been teaching cycle classes at Zenstudio since 2015

17. I started dating my husband while he was working for my Mom at the Medicine Shoppe in Jonesboro

18. I was 19 when we started dating

19. I’m not a Razorback fan and have only recently become able to passively attend a game and not hope the Hogs will lose

20. My favorite place to visit is Chicago

21. My favorite Holiday is Christmas

22. Despite my short stay during college, I will always be an Ole Miss Rebel.

23. My first car was a red mustang convertible and I still miss it on sunny days

24. I’m terrified of flying in airplanes, but love to travel

25. My favorite thing to “go and do” is go to concerts

26. I’m not into festivals though

27. I had a spinal lumbar fusion my senior year of high school L5-S1

28. I hate small talk- I want to actually know about you

29. I’m somewhat of a shopaholic


That’s it, those are the 29 random facts about me I wanted to share with you all today! If you made it all the way down the list I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little better! Now, for real, comment below and tell me about you! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Xxo

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  1. It was fun getting to learn more about you and I’m also pretty sure we are the same person lol! I’ve been in Little Rock for a year now and truly love it too! I’m on a fitness/weight loss journey and I have a new found passion for working out! Oh and my name is Taylor 🙂

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