Cycle Recap 4/18/18

This week’s spin classes were so much fun! It was faster paced than the past several weeks but fast is actually my favorite. It was rewarding too because my Apple Watch was lit up with high calorie burn in both classes and I actually hit a personal record cal burn in the second class! Milestones like that are always so exhilarating and motivation to keep going and push even harder the next time!

This was the second week of our Bikini or Bust challenge at Zen and the folks showed up and showed out in both classes! Because we do have new riders for this challenge and some clients who haven’t been to class in a while, I gave a little pep talk before class reminding everyone that even though a song’s tempo or choreography may be “fast”, there is always a slow beat option and I do my best to provide the counts for that modification in my demo at the beginning of each song. We encourage you to go at your own pace in our classes! Listen to your body and do what feels good while still challenging yourself! This week’s playlist was more electronic music than I typically use, but I was diggin’ some of the remixes I found! Here’s the layout:

“Wolves-Said the Sky Remix”- Selena Gomez– warm up jog with choreography, light-mod resistance

“Don’t”- Ed Sheeran– fast jog with choreography- light resistance

“Light”- San Holo- Jog with choreography moderate resistance

“Applause- DJ White Shadow Trap Remix”-Lady Gaga- fast jumps, light resistance

“Ignition-Viceroy Remix”- R. Kelly- Sprints, light resistance

“There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”- Shawn Mendes- Arms

“Candy Paint”- Post Malone- Fast jog with choreography light resistance

“Flashing Lights”- Kanye West- climb moderate-heavy resistance

“Too Close”- Primo- sprints with heavy resistance

“What We Started”- Don Diablo- fast jumps light resistance

“Mine- Bazzi vs. Young Bombs Remix”- Bazzi vs. Young Bombs-isolations and choreography mod resistance

“Focus”-Egzod- sprints light resistance

“Sinners like me”- Eric Church- cool down

A lot of fast tempo and a lot of movement in there! I think I prefer the fast stuff because there’s always so much going on that the classes fly by. I’m teaching a pop-up cycle today for the challenge and I plan to use a few of these same songs because it was so much fun and I want to bring those good vibes into the weekend! I’m not teaching next Wednesday because my husband and I are going out of town for our wedding anniversary. If you noticed the cool down was an Eric Church song, that’s because we’re going to see him in concert next weekend! I’m actually a big country music fan and thats mostly what I prefer to listen to while driving in my car or getting ready in the mornings. Country isn’t always super accommodating to use in spin class but I’ll throw one in every once in a while when I can make it work! Next week instead of your weekly Wednesday recap I’m going to be sharing with you a community spin event we did last month that was a freaking blast!


Last but not least I wanted to tell ya’ll about these new leggings that I got in this week. Just like the rest of the world, I’m big on the stripes train and thought these were so cute! The true test, of course, is riding a class in them and I’m happy to report that they were totally functional! They stayed in place the whole class and even supported my mic pack. A win all the way around! I ordered mine from Nordstrom Rack (an addiction) where they were hella cheap, but they’re almost sold out so I’m linking them again here for your where they are still on sale for under $50! Super cute for spring and summer, I think. Hope you all have a great weekend thanks so much for reading!

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