Restore Cryotherapy: Infrared Sauna

If you haven’t been able to tell from all of my other recaps on the services offered at the Restore Cryotherapy Little Rock location, this place totally gives off a spa-like vibe. It only makes sense that they provide a sauna service as well, right? However, this sauna is unlike all the others because it’s an infrared sauna. Don’t know what that means? I didn’t either, but I’m gonna tell you all about it- don’t worry!

Surprising as it may seem, the sauna was one service I was a little hesitant about. I was unsure, mostly, because I’ve sat in many saunas in my day trying hard to understand why everyone loves them so much. Each time I seemed to find myself feeling claustrophobic and anxious from the heat and thick air. This experience at Restore was completely different! I can officially claim to be a fan of the sauna now! Instead of a traditional sauna using hot steam or hot coals to heat the air and increase the temperature, the sauna at Restore uses infrared light to heat you directly. The air in the sauna isn’t thick, it’s a dry heat that really is comfortable while you’re sitting there sweating out any of the bad vibes you may have been carrying around.

sauna 1

First things first, let me tell you about this swanky and luxurious little room. It’s a just-big-enough space with the sauna on one side and a dressing area on the other. Towels are provided and customers are encouraged to dress down to their comfort level. Once the door to the room is closed you have complete privacy. The sauna is  glass-encased and this was the first thing I noticed that was different from my other sauna experiences. I could see out of each wall of the sauna and it wasn’t a dark dungeon of a room with a tiny glass door like others I have been in. My claustrophobic fears immediately subsided. On the wall in the private room is a mounted TV for your viewing pleasure. Multiple channels were provided and I chose to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother. If you aren’t interested in watching television, they also have a bluetooth speaker system available inside the sauna you can connect your phone to and listen to music. So many options!

sauna 2

The sauna’s timer was set for 45 minutes when I went in. The staff at Restore told me the temperature would get up to around 160 degrees but there is a control panel inside to make adjustments as you would like. With about 5 minutes left the thermometer read 140 degrees and I went ahead and opened the sauna door but stayed in until time ran out. The ONLY reason I opened the door was because I was sweating so much. And ya’ll, sweating is a task for me. A workout has to be really intense with pretty high room temp for me to “drip sweat” on my face. No worries, the sauna definitely had me to that point. I kept wiping my eyes so the sweat wouldn’t sting my contacts haha! The after effects may be my favorite part of all. I was chill AF. I would compare it to the post-massage euphoria of just wanting a cup of water, to rinse off, and go to bed. That’s exactly what I did after my sauna session, too!

sauna 3

There are so many benefits of the Infrared Sauna! According to the Restore website,  it detoxes your skin of impurities, your body of built up chemical toxins ( including alcohol and nicotine, among others), improves muscle recovery, increases metabolism and calorie burn, and lastly improves sleep. Basically, you get all the benefits of working out plus some while you sit in this luxurious hot box and watch tv, jam out to tunes, or scroll your phone. This sauna and this set up are a game changer, people. For real! As I sit here typing this I’m mentally scheduling my next visit, it’s that good!

If you purchase a membership at Restore Cryotherapy for $69 per month, you can receive 2 free services and member pricing on each additional service every month. If you don’t use the membership option, 1 infrared sauna session retails for $39 but there are 5-session and 10-session packages available! A 5-session package retails for $149 and a 10-session retails for $249. This service is an opportunity for you to take time to relax and leave all of life’s troubles outside of the door, while still benefitting your overall health in so many ways. If you are going to invest time and money into something, why shouldn’t it be yourself? You deserve it!


It’s easy to set up an appointment for your infrared sauna session! You can call them at (501) 747-2261 or install the free Mind Body app, search for Restore Cryotherapy Little Rock, and schedule there. Restore is located at 11525 Cantrell Road #605 in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center. If you go, make sure to let them know you heard about them here at The Bold Condition. Thanks so much for reading today! I have one more service I can’t wait to tell you about and it will be posted here next Monday!



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