Restore Cryotherapy: Compression and Drip Therapy

Today I’m continuing my series all about the new Restore Cryotherapy location in Little Rock! Did you know that you can receive two services at one time while at Restore? You can, and I’m going to give you the full details on both!


First, I want to tell you about their compression therapy. They use the Normatec Recovery System which is a “boot” that was the full length of my legs. They have various sizes for people of different heights. Once you’re situated in the boot, they turn the system on and the inflated boots begin to compress and massage in a sequential pattern up and down your leg. I would compare the squeezing to a blood pressure cuff in how it squeezes a little here and a little more there. It felt really, really good and was never too intense or anything like that. The chairs you sit in while receiving the compression are so comfortable and the whole experience is very relaxing.


Per the Restore website, the benefits of compression therapy are increased flexibility, increased blood flow, and reduced soreness. I made sure to make my appointment on a Thursday, following my Wednesday night double cycle class and I swear to you when I walked out of their door, my legs were not sore. I typically hobble around stiff-legged every single Thursday after the double, but thanks to Restore I was able to rep my regular strut on this particular day. Also, this is the service that I was most excited for my husband to try out. He stands on his feet all day long at work for 10-12 hours and suffers from chronic pain in his legs and feet due to all that standing. This past year I was FINALLY able to convince him to get a pedicure just for the benefits of soaking and massaging his legs and feet. He thought it was beneficial but has refused to go back because of his stubborn “I’m a man, I don’t need a pedicure” mentality. Compression therapy at Restore is the PERFECT option for him or anyone in a similar situation.


You can receive compression for either 30 minutes or one hour. It’s very affordable, too! A 30 minute session retails for $25 and one hour is $37. Don’t forget they have memberships available starting at $69 per month that include 2 free services each month and membership pricing after the first two. Membership pricing for compression therapy is less than retail value.


Now then, let’s talk about this IV drip situation! Restore is the ultimate hydration station. You receive nutrients and hydration directly into your bloodstream for immediate results. They have several different custom drip options to get you exactly what your body needs. There is the Classic Myers Cocktail, Anti-Inflammation, Energizer, Workout Warrior, Anti-Aging, Fortify, Hydrator, Purify, and Metabolize. I personally have received two drip therapies from Restore so far. The first one I did was the Energizer. I can tell you that it works! However, I am very sensitive to caffeine and other energy-inducing products. I drink coffee almost every morning but cannot have more than one cup or I get jittery. The day I got the Energizer I had had my daily cup of joe and also hadn’t had much to eat. As a result, I felt a little nauseous after my drip. I would 100% get it again if I were feeling fatigued, I would just plan ahead to not drink coffee and have a proper meal beforehand. For my second drip therapy, I received the Classic Myers Cocktail. I really, really enjoyed this one. It just felt like a boost in feeling better overall and having more energy. I noticed these effects in the following days as well. I didn’t have any negative side effects at all- I felt great! I combined compression with my first drip but the second time I just got the IV. The drip therapy room has reclining massage chairs that are absolutely fabulous! There’s a TV available for watching but I chose to listen to their music on the Bluetooth speaker. It was SO relaxing. I had a different nurse each time and they were both so precious and friendly. They were very helpful in explaining what is involved in the different custom drip options and what was going on when they would add in different vitamins and nutrients to my drip. This is a very cool option for anyone and everyone- who wouldn’t benefit from more hydration?! Every time you drip, I drip, we drip!


Restore has membership options for those interested in receiving multiple drip therapies each month. Membership price starts at $89 per month and includes one free IV and preferred pricing on additional drips. One IV drip retails for $125 for non-members but cost $99 for members. It’s easy to set up an appointment for your compression or IV drip therapy! You can call them at (501) 747-2261 or install the free Mind Body app, search for Restore Cryotherapy Little Rock, and schedule there. Restore is located at 11525 Cantrell Road #605 in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center. If you go, make sure to let them know you heard about them here at The Bold Condition. Thanks so much for reading today! Another post for this series coming at ya on Wednesday so be sure to check back then!

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