Cycle Recap 4/11/18

Hey ya’ll! Recapping Wednesday’s cycle class from this week and I  want to preface by saying I’m just here to be real. I like focusing on the good and positive things but sometimes shit just happens and you have to roll with it. The ability to “roll with it” is one of my major personality flaws when the “shit” involves me directly. I’m saying I am realllllly not a Type A personality and I’m generally laid back when it comes to what’s going on around me. But, when something that I’m supposed to be in charge of or make happen goes wrong, I get really anxious.

When I think about this Wednesday in summary,  Newton’s first law of motion is what jumps in my head. If you are unfamiliar with ol’ Newton and this law it simply states  that “an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted on by an external force.” So, the day didn’t start off great and the ball kept rolling from there. Nothing major just one of those days, ya know? Per usual I was trying to get through the work day and get to spin because it ALWAYS improves my mood. Endorphins are real. I got to the studio an hour before class started (punctuality is my one other Type A trait) and opened up my computer to review class. My Spotify window was open but completely black. I was connected to the internet, every other window would open and close out on my computer but not my main resource I needed for class. I attempted to “quit” Spotify and reopen it twice both times resulting in the same blank, black screen. Finally, I restarted my computer and thank goodness it opened up and all my playlists were there.

Okay, so this whole process took 30-40 minutes. Now clients were coming in, I was all flustered, and still needed to change my clothes but wanted to greet people. It’s the first week of our big spring challenge and we often have new riders or clients that haven’t been in in a while and, of course, I want to make a good impression. Whew, got my computer up and running with music there andddd then I’m told we have a situation with our auxiliary cord. I’m not sure what happened exactly with the original but all we had available was a tiny short cord that wasn’t about to reach the computer stand by my bike for me to be able to ride and read my counts. I literally just about came unglued at this point. It’s like 5:20 and class starts at 5:30. I also went completely brain numb. As in, I lost all problem solving abilities like a small child. Thankfully, Sarah who was working front desk told me another instructor that day had streamed her music from the iPad on the short cord to her laptop on the stand by our bike. Brilliant! I am so glad other people are techy and resourceful because all I’m able to do is try to copy their moves. It worked! Right at go-time for class. I was still flustered and mini anxious but thankful for a solution. Here’s the music playlist that I finally got to play on the iPad connected to the short cord that streamed onto my laptop where I could read my counts:

“I got You (I Feel Good)”- Jessie J- warm up jog with chores and climbing resistance

“Flash Funk( feat Mashmello)”– League of Legends- jog with choreography moderate resistance

“Stand up”- Ludacris–jumps with light resistance

“If it Ain’t Love”- Jason Derulo– sprints light resistance

“The Weekend- Funk Wav Remix”- SZA, Calvin Harris– Arms

” Put me back together (feat. Kiiara)”- Cheat Codes– jog with choreo mod resistance

“Here”- Alessia Cara- Climb with resistance starting moderate ending very heavy

“Indian summer”- Jai Wolf- Weighted sprints heavy resistance

“Ghost- Oliver Nelson Remix”- Ella Henderson– arms

“Daylight”- Maroon 5– jumps with light resistance

“Closer” – The Chainsmokers, Halsey- jog with chores light resistance

“Lighters Up”- Flosstradamus, NGHTMRE– sprints light resistance

“We Found Love/ Show Me Love”- Karizma Duo– cool down


Enter: external force to change the direction of my near-meltdown-inducing day. The ride. I settled down a little bit into the first class and the second class was smooth sailing all the way through. I left the double feeling good. Exhausted but good. Here are my take aways from the whole experience: things will happen that are no one’s fault; how I respond to them is what really matters; always be grateful for my tribe. It was no one’s fault that my clients at my day job were extra challenging, no one’s fault that Spotify wouldn’t load on my computer, and no one’s fault that we had momentary technical difficulties in studio. Responding in panic does zero good and definitely doesn’t help things get fixed any faster. Sarah really saved the day with her streaming suggestion because I was not at all prepared to be resourceful and figure it out on my own.

I know this recap has gotten a little lengthy, but I really wanted to give you the truth and an honest “recap” of everything that went down. I never want to portray that things are always rainbows and fairytales. Everyone has an off day every now and again. It’s just important that we learn from our experiences. In the meantime, I’ll be working on personal growth to be more adaptable and less neurotic when unexpected challenges pop up…..Maybe buying a whole new lap top. I don’t know, too extreme? haha #TGIF y’all and cheers to growth. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Cycle Recap 4/11/18

  1. Oh just go jump in that infrared sauna over at Restore Cryo and sweat out all your anxieties

    1. You are exactly right, Linda! That infrared sauna made me feel gooooood!

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