Restore Cryotherapy: The Cryofacial

Hey there, Wednesday! Today, I’m continuing with my blog series all about the new Restore Cryotherapy Little Rock location and all of the services they have to offer! Hopefully you read Monday’s post all about my whole body cryotherapy session, but if ya missed it, just click here to check it out. The next experience I want to tell you guys about is their Cryofacial. That’s right, all of the positive effects of cryotherapy can benefit your face too!



Restore’s website describes the facial in these words: “Cryotherapy facials use pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors applied to the face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and decrease pore size. The skin becomes tighter, more even-toned, and blood circulation is improved. Over time, skin becomes more elastic due to the increase in collagen.” So many of the *good words* when it comes to what we want for our skin in that description, right?! Collagen, tighter, and even-toned…..I’ll take it all please. I talked to Wesley, the owner, about this beforehand and she referred to the cryofacial process as a “controlled irritation” for your skin. Comparable to how the whole body cryo puts your brain and body in crisis mode. The cryofacial does the same thing but only for the skin on your face and neck. The skin responds to the liquid nitrogen (irritation) by trying to repair and renew itself at a quick rate. Boom, collagen production!


The whole process was very convenient , comfortable, and relaxing! Wesley explained it all to me and we went into this cute little room with a table complete with a comfy pillow and blanket. The liquid nitrogen came from a hose-type of device and she just slowly waved it around on my face and neck area like the magic wand that it is. The liquid nitrogen was cold, of course but not at all unbearable. And since Wesley was moving it around, when one area would start to get cold she would be moving to another area. There was also somewhat of a tightness sensation, but again I definitely wouldn’t say I was uncomfortable. Another really cool thing about it is that she never physically touched my face! I got to leave my makeup on and everything! Because Cryo works by healing from the inside out, the only external thing to touch my skin was the liquid nitrogen vapor. The process took 10-15 minutes as a whole. You could 100% drop in on your lunch break, receive the treatment, and head back to the office looking just like you left! The convenience is everything!


I didn’t have any negative side effects afterward. My skin wasn’t red or irritated or anything like that. I did notice when I took my makeup off that evening that my skin did seem to feel better. Mostly in texture, and I didn’t have any breakouts for the next couple of weeks. I still struggle with adult acne from time to time and it can get very frustrating. I definitely think the cryofacial was beneficial for my skin; however, I really think the most gain would come from going for repeated treatments. It only makes sense that more of a good thing, is a good thing, right?!


At Restore, they make it so easy to get more of the good! They offer very affordable memberships starting at $69 per month with 2 free services each month and decreased membership pricing on additional services. 1 Cryofacial session regular retail price is $42. But they offer a 3 session package for $101, 5 session package for $153, or a 10 session package for $289. Membership pricing is less. I thought these packages would be a great gift idea too! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. I know someone with a birthday coming up who would love one of these Cryofacial packages…it’s me! Shocking, haha but if the late twenties have taught me anything, it’s that my skin is a reflection of how well I treat it and the Cryofacial is a great way to give your skin some love. Also, when you go to Restore you will meet Wesley, the owner, and see how epically flawless she is, and that right there will make you want to do whatever it is she is doing because believe me when I tell you, she is doing it right.

It is super easy to set up an appointment for your Cryofacial. You can call them at (501) 747-2261 or install the free Mind Body app, search for Restore Cryotherapy Little Rock, and schedule there. Restore is located at 11525 Cantrell Road #605 in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center. If you go, make sure to let them know you heard about them here at The Bold Condition. If you haven’t, go ahead and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a post! More from my visits at Restore coming next Monday! Thanks for reading today!

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