Cycle Recap 3.28.18

Hello and happy weekend! I’m back to recap this week’s spin double for you and let you know the gist of what went down. First of all, I should really start working on these playlists more than one day in advance. I say that because this week I had an issue with one of the songs I found for class…I was unable to find an edited version of the song using Spotify or ITunes. I try to keep the music in my classes “clean” but every once in a while there will be a song that just doesn’t have an edited version available. Typical me, found the song on Tuesday, choreographed it out, and then realized the pickle I was in. So, naturally, I took to Instagram stories and took a poll. The people voted and the results are in. 96% of voters are not offended by explicit music when working out and 4% are. Whew, kept the song in for class. Majority rules.

In case you aren’t familiar with our sign up method at Zen, you sign up online using the Zenstudio app or Mindbody app. There are 21 available bikes, and after all bikes are reserved, we have a 10 person waitlist.  As clients cancel their reservations leading up to class, people on the waitlist will earn a spot and be notified they are then in the class. 5:30 pm cycle is a popular timeframe and usually a full class with a waitlist. This week was no different, and we had one person that came to the studio hoping to be able to walk in to class. Walking in is an option available if there are people who late cancel at the last minute or are a “no-show” for their reserved bike. At the time of class starting, if you aren’t present and have not notified the studio you will be arriving late, you are technically supposed to forfeit your reservation to anyone wanting to walk in to class.

Wednesday we had a situation in that a client came in at like 5:31 and her reserved bike had already been given away. My opinion is that everyone should be able to ride if they made the effort to show up to class in a {timely} manner so I made an exception to protocol, and asked a long time friend and advanced client to ride my bike so that the walk in client and client who had reserved a bike could all stay for class. Class had not started yet so the transition was no biggie. Things just happen sometimes! I actually enjoyed this change up in the atmosphere, as I got to interact with the clients more by walking around and providing more specific cues throughout the class. Caroline, the client who rode my bike performed perfectly and didn’t miss a beat of choreography or demonstration. Speaking of that, here was our line up for Wednesday:

“Everbody Hates Me”- The Chainsmokers – jog with choreo, climbing resistance

“Make Me Feel”- Janelle Monae—jumps, light resistance

“Delicate”- Taylor Swift – weighted jog with isolations, heavy resistance

“Like I do”- David Guetta – sprints, light resistance

“Cruise”- Kygo – Arms

“Lemon– Drake Remix” –N.E.R.D- fast jog with choreo, light resistance

“No Drama” – Tinashe – weighted jog with choreo, heavier resistance

“Sick Boy”- The Chainsmokers – Climb with choreo, heavy resistance

“In My Blood”- Shawn Mendes—weighted sprint, heavy resistance

“Up All Night”- Arty – Arms

“God’s Plan” – Drake—Jog with choreo, moderate resistance

“Nevermind”- Dennis Lloyd—jump combinations, light resistance

“Madness(Feat. Lil Jon)”- Dimitry Vegas—Sprints, light resistance

“All The pretty girls”- Kaleo—Cool down


That’s her right there! Like I said at the beginning of this post, I was kind of a hot mess this week and forgot to wear my apple watch to give you the calorie burn total, but it was high. You know how I know? See the word “weighted” beside 3 songs in a row up there on the layout. Might as well say “fat blaster.” So tough but so good! Staying with the theme, getting a photo of my #ootd was struggle city too. I really wanted yall to see these cute cut outs on these leggings though. They are actually a dark teal green in color and have a faux leather paneling on the outside by the cut outs. They are on sale for under $40 right now! Also love this cropped muscle tank from LuluLemon. I have it in 2 colors wear them both on the reg.


I’ve been busy working on new material for you guys! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the fun coming your way soon! Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

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