Weekly Cycle Class Recap + What I wore

Hi there, and welcome back! As promised, I’m here today to recap the spin classes that I taught at Zenstudio this week. I plan to do this each week with the goal in mind of inspiring each of you, one way or another. Hopefully, these posts will inspire you to jump on the bandwagon and come join me in Zencycle, maybe take the leap and become a group fitness instructor yourself, or, if nothing else, inspire you to listen to some good music you may not have heard before 🙂

Typically, when choreographing new songs I let the music lead me. As in, I find a song I like, add it to a playlist, and then go home and figure out what exactly I want to do with it. This week’s class was full of “jog” songs that incorporate choreography. When I have a lot of jogs within a playlist of one class, I try to constantly cue clients to switch up their resistance based on the tempo of the songs. The “slower” tempo songs are still a big workout because of the increased resistance we use during them. Switching up our resistance and speed is what makes these spin classes true interval training (interims of high intensity followed by a quick recovery.)

The energy from both classes was great! I thought with this week being spring break that attendance and vibes may be down a bit but my clients proved me SO wrong. I am always so thankful for each of you that continue to show up! On Wednesday since my classes are back to back in separate locations, I always use the same playlist for both. Check out my playlist and layout for this week below:

“Everday”- Logic, Marshmello—warm up jog with choreo

“I Wanna Know”-RL Grime, Daya – jog with choreo, heavier resistance

“Beastmode”- Yellow Claw – seated super sprints and jumps, light resist

“Get Loose”-T.I. , Nelly –jog with choreo, light resist

“Put Me Back Together”- Cheat Codes, Kiiara – jog with choreo, heavier resist

“Home- Magnificence Edit”- Steff de Campo—out of saddle sprint, light resist

“Me, Myself & I-Viceroy Remix”-G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha – arms

“Love Lies”- Khalid, Normani – jog with choreo, climbing resistance

“River” – Bishop Briggs – jog with choreo, heavy resist

“This is what you came for-Grandtheft remix”- Calvin Harris- sprint, pemax resist

“We dem Boys” – Wiz Khalifa – arms

“Big Things Poppin’”- T.I. – jog with choreo, light resist

“More- RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix” – Usher – Sprints, fast resist

“All thePretty Girls”- Kaleo—cool down

See, told ya there were a lot of jogs! For the sake of curiosity, I set my apple watch and let it run for the duration of both classes, including the 30 minute timeframe in between. According to my watch, I burned 960 total calories during this time while burning 775 active. That’s a pretty good burn for a Wednesday, I think. Ha!IMG_3583

I tried to look good while burning those cals too, of course. Haha! This was my first time wearing a sports bra and leggings while teaching. I was a little nervous about it because I am well aware this bod isn’t flawless. However, Ive been wearing this type of outfit when I go to yoga so my clothes aren’t flopping around everywhere, and even on some of my outdoor jogs. I’ve found it to be comfortable and I’m working on this insecurity stuff, so I went for it. I got several compliments and a couple of people told me they had been wanting to rock the same look but hadn’t yet because of the same insecurities I have! We’re all the same, y’all! Anyways, it ended up being a topic that promoted bonding and yes to that. My bra is old from Aerie and I couldn’t find it online, but here is this one that I’m really digging with the mesh cut outs. These leggings are amazing because they are high waisted, hold it all in, and right now they are on sale! Go getcha some! Thanks for reading, be sure and subscribe so you can always see when I publish a new post. Have a great weekend!

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