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I wanted to begin this journey by telling you a little bit of my personal background and how I got to where I am. I started taking classes at Zenstudio in Little Rock in January of 2014. This was an attempt to become more consistent with an exercise routine as I prepared for my wedding in April of that year.  I prefer cardio and higher intensity workouts so I signed up to try the spin class first. Spin class at 5:30 AM, might I add. I am so not a morning person so this whole experience was completely outside of my comfort zone. I made it to class though, and I absolutely loved the unique experience I had in that 50 minutes. It was so different from anything I had ever tried before. The lights were off with only black lights on that had us glowing. The music was incredible and we rode to the beat of each song doing choreography with our upper bodies on the handlebars. This is what really drew me in to love Zen, because way back in the day I used to dance and cheer so “dancing” with choreography while pedaling on a bike was right up my alley, challenging as it may be. We even used light hand weights for 2 songs during the ride to really make it a full body workout. As a first timer, this class was very difficult for me. It tested my strength and endurance, and not to mention my coordination. It was difficult, but not in a sense that I felt defeated. It made me want to come back for more and to be able to do more in the class. And that’s exactly what I did! I purchased a membership and went to all the various classes Zenstudio had to offer to get myself in shape for my wedding and-I will say- I was in the best shape then of my entire adulthood, all thanks to Zen.

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Throughout that year my favorite of all the classes remained cycle and late in the fall of 2014, Zen posted to social media that they were hiring new instructors. I was so excited at the thought of becoming an instructor but at the same time totally terrified. Public speaking isn’t my strong suit, but the atmosphere at Zenstudio is more intimate and I had grown to know the other instructors and a lot of my fellow clients taking classes. I decided to go for it and had 2 auditions then began training with Camden who created the unique cycling method of Zen. I taught my first class in March of 2015 and I have been at it ever since!

My style of class is typically faster paced with a lot of choreography. My music preferences are Billboard hits ranging from mid 2000s to today’s chart toppers. I like playing songs that most everybody knows because I like to sing and dance to songs I’m familiar with myself. My perspective is that if you are focused on the music or on the choreography along with the music, then you aren’t as aware of the work your core and lower body are having to put in to hold you up so you can have that dance party on the bike. Nothing like having a good time and getting a good workout in all at once! Teaching, for me, is my midweek lifeline. I spend the first few days of the week looking forward to class, I have an absolute blast teaching, and then I have a recovery day before I make my workout plan for the weekend. Being a part of the Zenstudio family first as a client, and now as a staff member has been such a joy in my life. No matter what kind of day I’m having, I can walk into Zen to take or teach a class and I walk out feeling better. Just like anything else, I have off days and my workouts aren’t always my best performance, but I ALWAYS have fun trying when I’m at Zen. And that’s the power of group fitness, yall!

If you are interested in trying out a class at Zenstudio just click the link here to sign up online or find Zenstudio in the App Store to sign up using our app! Let me know if you are trying out a class and if my work schedule allows, I’ll join you and take the class too!

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