Athleta Community Self Defense Class

Athleta Community Self Defense Class Recap

On February 10, I attended a free community class hosted by Athleta in the Promenade, that was self-defense focused using Krav Maga techniques. The featured instructor of this class was personal trainer Ann Marie Gibbs. She is a TOTAL badass babe! Krav Maga is actually a military developed self-defense and fighting system, which makes it super legit and I feel like more of a patriot just for being in the classto learn a little bit about it.

Going into this class, my only known forms of self-defense were to always carry my phone and my keys in hand when walking to my car. After one hour with Ann Marie, I feel much more confident in my knowledge of how to react in a situation if I were ever approached by an assaulter.  I even learned a few sweet moves, too!

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The first thing Ann Marie taught us was to keep our hands up in front of our face in order to use them as a shield and to be ready to use to our defense, if needed. She told us to always strike hard to soft. For example, we shouldn’t use our hands to beat against a strong man’s chest. To be more effective, we should use our hands for a palm strike against his nose or his throat. She also taught us how to kick a perpetrator with power bringing our foot to his groin area. She told us we needed to “kick so hard his balls would be in his throat.” Yass queen, Ann Marie! Girl power!


She taught us various cross and jab hitting techniques, kicking techniques, and even how to break away from a chokehold. We partnered up in class and took turns practicing each of the techniques using pads provided by Ann Marie. My bestie, Evelyn, was in the class and we had a big time with these practice sessions. So many good boomerang opportunities, ha! As soon as I got home from class, I tried the chokehold move with my husband and he was totally shocked how effective it was! He is a 6 foot 3 inch 200 pound man and I broke out of his choke grasp before he even knew what hit him! BOOM!



Practicing the techniques provided by Ann Marie was a killer workout! We were there for an hour and my apple watch reported that I burned a total of 246 calories, 181 active.  On average, I could do 5 or so techniques in a practice round before I needed to take a break and catch my breath. Regular classes using this method would definitely build strength and endurance! The “Krav Maga” technique classes are offered through Krav Fit here in Little Rock. They are located at 1520 Macon Drive in Little Rock and offer multiple classes throughout the week. Your first class is free. Ya’ll  should definitely go check them out!

This class was provided through Athleta’s Fit-Pro in-store community class program. They frequently offer diverse group classes to the public free of charge, supporting local fitness providers and their businesses. If you are a fitness provider and interested in leading one of these in-store classes, reach out to Evelyn at Athleta at 501-821-8893.

As always, you can shop my look from this class. These are still my current fave leggings, Tank is Beyond Yoga but I found it on sale here. My bra matches my leggings and provides great support! And of course my fresh Nikes to cap it off! See ya for the next Monday Muse!


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